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(Update) Krups Best Brew: Miami Winner Decided by 1 Vote!

The Magic City takes it coffee seriously. Many Miamians will tell you it's not blood, but thick, syrupy colada, that runs through their veins. Now the time has come to choose who will win the coveted title of "Best Brew," and two coffeehouses have risen to the top.

Voting for the 2013 Krups Best Brew Awards ended Friday. Battling for the coveted title were two coffeehouses: Eternity Coffee Roasters and Tinta y Café. While five nominees were in the running, it's clear the winner will be one of these two beloved brewers. Will it be downtown darling Eternity Coffee Roasters? Or will Brickell's beloved Tinta y Café take home the win? We asked each coffeehouse to describe its advantages. Here's what they said:

Eternity Coffee Roasters

"We think Miami coffee drinkers recognize the difference. Eternity Coffee Roasters brings to the table: roasting our own coffee in-house daily, from small farms in countries like Colombia, Ethiopia, and Kenya; and then each drink is handcrafted by a master barista. There is just no comparison once you have had fresh-roasted coffee."

Tinta y Café

"Tinta y Café isn't a restaurant; it's a family. As soon as our customers heard we were being nominated for a Krups Best Brew Award, the amount of support and love has been incredible. A win for Tinta would be a win for all those who make our café the stop before beginning their day."

Update: We have the results from the heated battle between Tinta y Café & Eternity Coffee Roasters. In the end, the title of Miami's "Krups Best Brew" was decided by 1 vote, and the winner is... (drum roll please)... Tinta y Café!

We asked Tinta y Café what the win meant to them, here is what they said:

"Although the roast and the origin of the coffee is important, the love and effort we put into it goes a long way. That is what Tinta y Café is all about, enjoying a good cup of coffee in great company. In the end that love for good coffee carried out in those 699 votes."

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