Twitterview Two: Chef Michael Bloise of Sushi Samba

As explained in yesterday's introductory Michael Bloise Twitterview part one, the following "twitterview" is an unedited back and forth between the Sushi Samba chef and me in queries and answers of 140 characters or less.It's sort of like a regular interview, except the format prevents the interviewee from dawdling off subject. People like Joe Biden and Michelle Bachmann should insist on only being twitterviewed.

Anyway, rather than go on twittering away your time and mine, here's the final portion, wherein chef Bloise names his culinary influences, his favorite cookbook, and what two local restaurants he claims "rocked my face off."

@Short_Order: What chef(s) do you discuss food with?
@Michael Bloise: Brasel, Reidt, Jacobs, DaSilva, Jantz, Chadzilla (Galiano), Jason Smith...

You worked w/ Frank Randazzo (Gaucho Room) & E. Michael Reidt (Wish); what's one thing you learned from each?
FR - caring for my cooks, not to throw chile oil on everything (ha!). EMR - be daring, take chances, make badass caipirinhas -- seriously.

What local restaurants do you eat at?
Last two meals: Area 31, 1500 Degrees. Both rocked my face off.

Would you want your son to become a chef?
I want him to have a happy life ... cheffin' ain't easy. He'll need help from his family. This biz is a good test for faithful friends.

Your father gave you your most important management advice. What one point would you want to tell your kid?
Running a business efficiently is mediocre. Giving chances and nurturing talent will be my legacy.

Any chefs who've worked under you in past or present you think will be great chefs?
I'm not taking credit these guys r own success Jason Smith Alex Pinero Howie Kleinberg, I Ferrer, K Sherlock, Pepe Rodriguez, M Barone, R Patraglia, Steven Shea...

Your culinary influences?
Parents, my brother Andrew, David Chang, Michel Richard.

Last cookbook you purchased?

Best cookbook you own?
On Food and Cooking. Also, Ingredients -- I like pictures.

Best chef on television?
Don't watch Food Network, but can't deny the awesomeness of Morimoto.

Favorite food city in America & why?
LA - Mexicans, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese.

Favorite food city in the rest of world & why?
Anywhere in Vietnam. Really. Poor people, pristine food.

Music in restaurant kitchens: yes or no?
I work better listening to music with no words -- singing along is distracting, but rhythm is important.

Have a personal favorite wine/food or beer/food pairing -- something u kick back with?
Spicy duck confit noodles in broth with an ice cold caramely ale sounds about right.

Tweeterview ends as I am suddenly hungry and thirsty.

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