Turkey Torture For Your Table
JoAnne McArthur

Turkey Torture For Your Table

More than 46 million turkeys will have their beaks and toes painfully amputated this year so that they can be packed by the thousands into dark, filthy warehouses on factory farms. That's why Farm Sanctuary is holding coast-to-coast celebrations FOR the turkeys. In NYC, Russell Simmons is hosting a vegan brunch at Tavern on the Green, with Jonathan Safran Foer reading from his best selling Eating Animals. Similar ceremonies will take place in other states, but none in Florida.

Farm Sanctuary also rescues birds via its' Adopt-A-Turkey Project. Since 1986, the organization has rescued more than 1,000 turkeys and placed hundreds into loving homes as a compassionate alternative for Thanksgiving.

Do I hear some of you muttering "Fuck Farm Sanctuary, I'm eatin' me a turkey for Thanksgiving"? If so, hopefully you purchased one that has been humanely raised free range, outside the sadistic confines of agribusiness factories. You at least did that, right?

Additional information can be found at here or by calling 607-583-2225.

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