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Tuesday Morning Question: How Often Do You Try New Restaurants?

TMQ is back, folks, and today we've got a good one for you:

If you're like me, you go out to eat at least 4-5 times a week -- once or twice for dinner, and about two to three times to grab lunch while at work. That adds up to a lot of dining out; but most of those experiences are at places I'm already familiar with. And for as long as I've been eating in South Florida (How long have I been truly eating? Sort of an existential question, isn't it?), I still haven't tried all the places I want to. Not that I don't try. I definitely crave new experiences, but sometimes, dining at an old standby just feels more comfortable than testing the waters at a new joint. Still, I try to make at least one of those 4-5 meals out per week a trip to somewhere I haven't been before.

So how often do you try new restaurants? Do you try one a week also? One a month? Do you stick to the places you are familiar with? Or do you only check out a new place if the word of mouth is so good you simply can't miss it?

-- John Linn

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