Trying To Explain the Finer Points of Best Of (Again)

That magical moment is fast approaching: Our new, improved Best Of Miami 2010 edition is all set to hit the newsstands and online newsstand. Each year, when selections are released, it angers everybody from advertisers to food bloggers to regular folks who hold strong opinions on matters such as these. Some people get really hot under the collar; others throw up, or at least claim to.

Jesus, I love this day almost as much as when baseball season starts.

Last year I wrote a post attempting to explain that our designation of "best" didn't necessarily mean "best", because there is no tangible proof of such a thing, but rather it meant "at the very least, one of the best". Readers thought that was one of the worst explanations they'd ever heard. Rather than tread the same treacherous avenue of thought, let me try another tack:

1.There are certain Oscar-like caveats, invisible and unmentionable to

the public, that could possibly explain some of the seemingly

inexplicable picks. (Speaking of caveats: These have nothing to do with

advertisers. Nothing about Best Of does.)

2. If it was up to me, I'd remove the term "best" in every category and

rename the issue "A Thousand Great Things About Miami". Because there

is no better local compendium of worthwhile shops, bars, clubs,

restaurants, and places to visit that I know of. In fact, it's an issue

crammed with the best of virtually everything Miami has to offer.


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