True Blood-Inspired Cupcakes at The Sweetness Bakeshop on Sunday Only

Nestled right off of SW 97th Avenue and Sunset Drive in an unassuming shopping center lies Miami's latest cupcake addiction: The Sweetness Bakeshop and Cafe.

Opened just a few months ago by a mother/daughter team, the family-run business sells pretty much any unique cake flavors you can think of-- Krispy Kreme bread pudding, anyone?

From the Guayabera (guava cake with guava filling and a cream cheese frosting), to the Campsite (graham cracker bottom with double chocolate cake and a torched marshmallow frosting), they cook up a storm with their creative concoctions. For their adult-friendly treats, they've even created top shelf cupcakes like the Irish Car Bomb (Guinness stout cupcake filled with a Baileys Irish Cream filling and topped with a Baileys/Jameson buttercream) and the Mojito (mint rum cake with a mojito buttercream), for when regular sweets just won't cut it. And at $1 each for each mini treat, they're the cheapest happy hour we've ever been to.

In honor of the True Blood season three premiere on Sunday on

HBO, the shop's created a TruBlood -- Madagascar bourbon vanilla bean

cake filled with a blood orange curd, and topped with a blood orange

buttercream frosting. It will only be available on Sunday (for the

premiere) and in limited quantities, but they've already started to

receive pre-orders.


got an exclusive taste test of the confections, and

they're good. The vanilla bean cake is just the right amount of

subtlety for the overpowering blood orange filling, and the

buttercream frosting is light and fluffy to make the cupcake just sweet

enough. The fondant TruBlood medallion adds a little humor to the

treats, and feels almost like a separate little cookie with its crunchy


Joined together, they make quite possibly the perfect

combination of tart and sweet -- and if you're a messy eater, they'll

leave a stain on your teeth, making you resemble your favorite True Blood characters. 

We won't know for sure if these cupcakes will be making a comeback after Sunday, so get them while you can. To check availability, just go to their Facebook page or their site -- they update both regularly with the flavors of the day, and always accept requests. 

The Sweetness Bakeshop and Cafe
9549 Sunset Drive, South Miami

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