Cocktails & Spirits

Town Kitchen & Bar's Bar: Solid But Missing Details

When the tables in the dining room and

out on the patio are taken,

and the hostesses don't offer the bar tables, there's a problem. But it's

not as if the bar menu at Kitchen Town & Bar stinks. Granted it's limited to a hodgepodge of appetizer-type selections

such as an artisanal cheese plate ($10), edamame ($6), and pulled

pork skillet nachos ($11). And the best they can do in the way of meat is sliders; Kobe ($15), meatball

($10), or beef tenderloin ($14). But when paired with a litany of

inventive signature cocktails, who's that desperate for a table in

the dining room just yet?

Gwen's lychee mutha' freaker ($12)

isn't as potent or repulsive as the name might suggest. It's Flor de

Cana limon, lychee puree, and a touch of fresh lemon and lime. A

little pulp will remain at the bottom of your martini glass, but the

trip to get there is worth it; albeit a bit sweet. The Old Cuban

($12) is basically a mojito with Ron Zacappa 23-year rum, bitters,

mint, lime, and simple syrup. It's a good, stiff drink that was

muddled just right, but with a little too much mint left in

the glass.

And off that bar menu, which is half-price Monday through Friday from 4-7pm, the lobster quesadilla ($9) was sampled. It includes Maine lobster meat, mixed cheeses, spicy pepper salsa, corn, black beans, and is topped with Siracha sour cream. There is also a side of arugula that, left undressed, seems superfluous and does nothing for the quesadilla. It is definitely a spicy quesadilla and a hearty appetizer unto itself unless shared by two.

Service at the bar tables seemed quicker and more efficient than the service being received at the outdoor tables. There was a point, while eating our spicy quesadilla, when our server was not to be found and we were in need of two glasses of water immediately.

And for good measure, the dessert menu was requested and our sweet-tooth was appeased by way of the bread pudding ($8), which is a block of some of the moistest bread pudding in this town.

Town Kitchen and Bar
7301 SW 57th Ct., South Miami

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John Zur