Top Ten Beers and Places To Drink Them In South Florida

Today's top ten comes courtesy of Dave Crisafi, the dude behind the South Florida Beer Blog. He says "It's always good to figure out how to introduce the average beer drinker to new flavors. You have to know what everything tastes like and what it's similar to in order to make recommendations like that. I never complain about the research, that's for sure. I think that good beer is meant to be shared with others and the more people that are interested in good beer the more easily available the beer will be to me as well."

Read on for Dave's top ten beers you can get in South Florida, places you can drink them, and some local brewpubs you should check out.

Top Ten Beers

  1. Rogue Deadguy
  2. St. Bernardus 12
  3. Bells Hopslam
  4. Avery Ale To The Chief
  5. Allagash Four
  6. Brooklyn Local 1
  7. Holy Mackerel
  8. Dogfish Head Burton Baton
  9. Brewdog Hardcore (this is only available at The Pub in Pembroke Pines)
  10. North Coast Cru d'Or
Places to Drink Them
  1. Abraxas (South Beach)
  2. The Abbey (South Beach)
  3. Yardhouse (Coral Gables)
  4. Sunset Tavern (South Miami)
  5. Funky Budah (Delray Beach)
  6. BX Beer Depot (Lake Worth)
  7. Zekes (South Beach)
  8. The Pub (Pembroke Pines)
  9. Brother Tuckers (Pompano Beach)
  10. PRL (Hollywood)
Local Brewpubs People Should Check Out
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