The lychee is a fruit native to China that grows well in humid, subtropical climates free of frost. No wonder that a simple drive around Miami-Dade County reveals many "Lychees for Sale" signs at roadside stands, outdoor markets, and grocery stores. Tropical fruit season is here, so now is the time to get 'em fresh, juicy, and sweet. Did you know they're also good for you? Here are ten health benefits attributed to the lychee...

Top Ten Alleged Health Benefits of Lychees - Buy Local, Support Dade County Lychee Growers

  • Prevents growth of cancer cells. [HealthMad]
  • Lowers risk of heart attack. [LycheesOnline]
  • Enhances feelings of well-being. [ILoveIndia]
  • Helps fight colds and sore throat. [AssociatedContent]
  • Helps with weight loss. [ifood]
  • Protects against ulcers [ImportFood]. But be careful -- it also might cause them [Examiner]
  • Is a source of "bowel-regulating fiber." [Yahoo]
  • Is high in copper, whatever that means. [Great-Workout]
  • Might be "particularly good for gastrointestinal health." [Ayushveda]
  • Might be an aphrodisiac. [Yelp]

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