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Top Five Tips for New Cooks In 2013: Resolve To Get Back In the Kitchen

Come January, each and every one of us will be boasting about some ridiculous, noble new years resolution. Think juice cleanses, gym memberships, or renouncing all things pork. We've all been there. But, come February, after much whimpering and complaining, we'll be back to our bacon-eating and milkshake-drinking ways.

Too often, food resolutions are about extremes. This is why they result in failure. Instead of vowing to abide by strict dietary restrictions, try this: get in the kitchen and cook more often. Stop eating out so much. Cook dinner at least one day out of the week. Set the table, turn off the TV, drink some booze, and eat a meal with friends or family. This change alone will lead to more healthful, delicious eating.

So, in the hopes of spreading our enthusiasm for all things cooking, we've compiled a list of the five best tips for new cooks in 2013.

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Emily Codik