Top Ballpark Hot Dogs: What Should Be Marlins Signature Wiener?

The Miami Marlins, who continue a homestand against the Atlanta Braves at Marlin Stadium tonight, have officially adopted a new pup to go along with their fancy new stadium, logo, name, and branding.

Kayem Foods recently signed a multi-year contract with the team to be the official provider of all franks and sausages.

The news got us thinking: We need to have a signature Miami Marlins hot dog like everyone else around the country has.

Do we top our pooches with frijoles negros y shoestring potatoes? Drizzle a little mojo on the bun? Or do we serve it on pan Cubano? What would give a Miami Marlins hot dog that sazon our city is known for?

Other city teams have the right idea.

New York Yankees
Empire State-style: Nathan's clean cut wiener (no pun intended, fellas), with sauerkraut, and mustard. Want ketchup? You might find yourself sleeping with the fishes if you dare to don the red.

Houston Astros
Find yourself in Minute Maid Park sweating like a pig in the stifling Houston heat and humidity chomping down on a Most Wanted dog, no less. This pooch boasts the bold flavors of Texas barbecue with chopped onions and kosher dills.

Boston Red Sox
Well, looky here... Fenway Park just officially became our twin step sister. Kayem home-grows these franks right in their own backyard (and then kindly deliver a few thousands to the 305.) The Red Sox keep is regional with a New England-style bun, but we could definitely top that with pan Cubano, no?

Los Angeles Dodgers
People in the city of angels like it big - real big. A foot-long-kinda-big. Dodger Stadium goers get the option of a steamed or grilled frank. If the LA Dodgers have a footlong, shouldn't our Miami Marlins have a foot-and-a-half-long?

Chicago White Sox
If spice isn't your thing, best to leave Chi-town before she makes you pay for it. The Polish pork sausage for this hot dog calls U.S. Cellular Field home. Red and green peppers top the dog and its competition.

Cincinnati Reds
Head on over to watch a game at Great American Ball Parki and you'll find your clothes covered in Cheese Coney. Chili, chopped onions, and cheddar cheese keep this pooch close to the Reds' home palate plate.

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