Top 5 New Candies: Chuao's Firecracker, Sour Patch Chillerz and Jitterbeans

It takes more than just a sugar to hit an epicure's sweet spot, so Short Order went in search of five new confections that have added layer of oomph, coupled with some degree of hmm, and the power to make one cry, "Yowza!" Bye-bye Snickers and Sweet Tarts-- we're all about these new sugary sensations.

Here's what you oughta be munching in a dark movie theater:

1. Chuao Chocolatier's Firecracker
Forget a French kiss on the Fourth of July; these Firecracker bars, truffles, and pods keep the crackle coming. They not only wrap your tongue with the flavor of rich, dark chocolate, but then they pack a punch with fiery chipotle and enough salt to make you tear up just a bit. Then, just for yucks, there are the popping candies. Find yours at Chuao Chocolatier in Coral Gables

5. Jitterbeans
As if you weren't hyper enough, Osmanium Candy Company thought it would be fun to sell you dark chocolate covered espresso beans in a hard candy shell providing a 600 mg hit of caffeine per box. Starbucks brew has nothing on these Jitterbeans.. Want to get your fix, too? Hit up Spencer's, f.y.e. stores, and To The Moon Marketplace in Wilton Manors.

If you just keep my mouth busy until spring, you'll be ready for when the new piña colada Tic Tacs arrive. 

Which new candy is your fave, sweetie? 

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Riki Altman