Top 5 Local Food & Drink Joints You Should Know About

If you've ever walked out of a bar drunk and hungry and bought a gas station sandwich then you probably appreciate a joint with a menu.

Miami-Dade is full of them. From Kendall to the Grove, Allapattah to the river, even on the 57th badlands edging Coral Gables some of the coolest bars around are also a great place to grab a bite.

Here are our top five local food and drink joints you should know about.

5. Duffy's Tavern - If atmosphere was cars, this place is a hand built 1958 Cadillac. A comfortable place to eat, drink, and watch sports on TV, table, floor, walls, and ceiling.

4. River Lounge - Because sometimes it helps to have a yacht on the river with your drink. Located downtown in the Epic Hotel with Chef John Critchley's Area 31 cooking for the bar from upstairs.

3. Scully's - Before Diners, Drive Ins and Dives put this place on the Food Network map, there was our 2002 article about it. Going strong since 1989, Scully's is destination dining for Kendall.

2. Flanigan's in the Grove - Sure you've been to the one in Hialeah, but this one looks like it's been around since 1940 and is full of original fishing memorabilia to prove it. The web doesn't have much info, does anybody out there know if this is the flagship location?

1. Club Tipico Dominicano - This highly festive, family friendly, late night joint in Allapattah features some of the best dancing, food, and drinks in South Florida that money can buy.

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