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Top 10 Old Time Vintage Candy Brands That Are Still Relevant and Some That Aren't

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Pez are a true global force in candy culture. There are people out there so enamored of them that they dedicate their lives, incomes, sanity, family and friends to Pez collecting. Now that's relevance.

Charleston Chew could have spent the rest of its existence as a classic candy just being on the shelf of damn near every candy shop damn near everywhere in America. But when Dave Chapelle cosigned the Charleston Chew in the movie Half Baked, that was when it was first recognized by Generation X via popular film culture. Stoners around the world are probably chewing one right now because of it.

UPDATE: The Charleston Chew did not appear in the movie Half Baked, and Dave Chappelle never cosigned it. It was the Abba Zabba that appeared in Half Baked not the Charleston Chew. Short Order apologizes for our Half Baked memory.

The Hershey Bar is a no brainer. Far as we know they've always been at the top of the game. Would be nice to go back in time and be the first person to say  "hey why don't we make chocolate, wrap it up and sell it?"

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