Top 10 Foods That Can Get You High

Are you bored? Hungry? Want to eat your way to intoxication? We've scoured the world for the top 10 foods that'll get you high, exposed the rumors and lies, and now we can explain why some of these can kill you. Prepare for food education.

10. Psilocybin Magic Mushrooms

So they taste kind of like styrofoam mixed with dirt and muddy water, but for centuries humans have eaten them to sate their metaphysical hunger for trips into and out of their own consciousness. Or just to, you know, trip balls. Either way, if you can put it on a pizza, it's food to us.

9. Smoking Banana Peels

Yes, it's true, you can smoke banana peels. But, do they get you high? No you idiot, and there's no such thing as "bannadine" either. Supposedly the original recipe for smoking nanners was published in the first Anarchist Cookbook from the 1960's. The crappy pseudo-folk music of Donovan further stoked the myth when his song Mellow Yellow was rumored to be about peel smoking. In the past couple of decades the internet has given the legend viral veracity and potent googleability, though anybody who uses the recipe probably won't end up with more than an idiot headache.

8. Morning Glory Seeds

We're including these little psychedelic mind flowers under the auspices of seed as food though one of the thousands of species of flowers that fall into the morning glory category is produces water spinach, a Texas delicacy. Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, we all know seeds make for a great snack. But do morning glory seeds really get you high? The answer is yes. However, the ones you buy from the gardening store are most likely coated in industrial pesticide, so stay away from those or they can seriously harm you.

7. Poppy Seeds

Poppy seeds come from poppy plants, or is it the other way around? That means they're directly related to opium, and thus heroin by proxy. But do you ever hear about trackmarked junkies rushing bagel supply stores for smash and grabs? No. That's because you'd have to be an alchemist to make dope out of poppy seeds. However, some people say that overconsumption of products using the seeds can trigger false positives on drug tests. So all you bread, muffin, and bagel fans beware when your interview for that new job goes to phase two.

6. Nutmeg

Nutmeg doesn't just get you high, it can totally f#$! you up. Users, who either snort, smoke, or eat the stuff, report anything from a marijuana-like buzz to a flu-like horror complete with sweats, runny nose, feverish feeling, and anxious nerves. Add to that reports of massive hangover and you have yourself a totally legal, and possibly entirely miserable, high.

5. Angel Trumpet Tea

The Angel Trumpet, also known Datura, and sometimes here in Miami as Bella Donna, can kill you. The flowers can be ingested after a tea-like brew, smoked, or even eaten in seed form. In many cases ingestion leads to psychotic visions or intense hallucinations. Getting high on these can also stop breathing and result in death. Beware this prevalent flower.

4. Peyote Cactus

Nopales cactus are on the menu at Mexican restaurants all over the states, and well, Mexico. Peyote is a cactus that grows there too, though it can also be found here, wild, in the mountains of Arizona and New Mexico. This all natural, organic, super-psychedelic will put you on a vision quest, but don't abuse it or use it insincerely. Legend has it that the cactus can bend your trip to its whims based on your intent in taking it.

3. Betel Nut

The Betel Nut comes from the Areca Catechu palm tree and is a popular mild stimulant chewed from Taiwan to Thailand. Repeated chewing leads to highly stained teeth, see above image. The high is not like crack or any other hard drug. Reported effects are general feeling of well being with side effects of hunger suppression and alertness.

2. Coca Leaves

If cocaine is Bolivian marching powder, then coca leaf is like Bolivian Sudafed. These leaves not only help the body deal with altitude sickness, they also provide mild euphoria and act as a stimulant. Where the plant is native people chew it and brew it to take the edge off, sort of like us Americans do with whiskey and cigarettes, except healthier and with valid medicinal qualities.

1. Pot Brownies, Cookies, Bread and Butter, and Pasta, and...hell just call it Pot Munchies

Weed, glorious weed. It's legal in some of the United States (even if the state isn't united in its support), there's no hangover, it works as medicine, it definitely gets you high, and it's helping American entrepreneurs come up with new ways to market the world's greatest smokable plant. Marijuana, we salute you!

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