Top 10 Crazy Pancakes From Our Worldwide Pancake Tour

We love pancakes, Yes we do
Every day we eat a few
When we don't, we might get sick
So here's a pancake list right quick.

10. Bacon Pancakes - Original Pancake House - Chicago

A plate full of these and you'll be giving a whole new meaning to the Windy City.

9. Bing Zi - Chinese Pancakes

A half stack of these is a tall order.

Chinese pancakes often incorporate scallions, and coconut milk. They are also often used to wrap meats.

8. Homemade Swedish Pancakes

Swedish pancakes are thin and crepe-like, and in  very Swedish style, are commonly eaten for dinner with pea soup.

7. Ukrainian Potato Pancakes -

These onion, potato, salt, pepper, and sour cream pancakes are a tradition in Ukrainian culture.

6. Korean Pancakes -

Korean food culture offers a great pancake landscape.

Its adherents have kimchi pancakes, scallion pancakes, green pepper pancakes, seafood pancakes, sweet pancakes, spicy pancakes.......the list goes on and on.

Korea's pancake landscape is bountiful and has a long history.

5. Scottish Pancake and Crumpet -

Click to see the full size image of the Scottish pancake.

It has a cratered surface perfect for soaking up Scotch, or whatever topping you desire.

4. Dutch Pancake from The Netherlands -

This pancake is made with bacon and onions and "smothered in Gouda cheese."

It is called a pannekoek, and beer is sometimes added to the batter to help it rise. These pancakes are large and skinny compared to American pancakes.

3. Japanese Pancake -

This image appears to be what's called Okonomiyaki or, "fried as you like it," a type of anything pancake that some people compare to pizza.

The picture was taken in Okachimachi.

7. Korean Mung Bean Pancake -

Here's another Korean pancake. We chose it  because there are so many varieties, and because we never get to the opportunity to say mung bean.

A mung bean is a small, round, green bean often used in Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Bangladeshi, Korean, Pakistani, and Southeast Asian cuisines.

1. Sausage Wrapped in Pancakes -  IHOP - USA


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