Tonight: The Alibi Celebrates One Year of Serving Greasy Late-Night Bites

You're drunk and hungry. There is always Taco Bell, but even though you are an incoherent mess, you're still a foodie. So for you there is the Alibi, the small counter service inside South Beach's Lost Weekend. The menu features Philly cheese steaks, po' boys, pulled-pork sandwiches, and burgers -- all the stuff that tastes even better after a few drinks.

Behind it all is co-owners Philly native Bill Sisca and CIA-trained chef John Ross. This year, we picked the spot as the Best Late-Night Dining, for the reasons we explained above. And can you believe it's already been a year since the Alibi started feeding South Beach night owls?

To commemorate the occasion, there's a party with plenty of music, courtesy of DJ Sideways, as well as drink specials and free food. Some new menu items will debut like grilled cheese sandwiches and meatball subs.

Calls to the Alibi for further details got us to answering machine that said "Sorry, we've probably locked ourselves in the walk-in or at [Mac's Club Deuce]."

Let's hope they make their way back in time for the party at 7 p.m.

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