Timon Balloo's Trash-to-Table Home Griller

Timon Balloo, James Beard-nominated chef at Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill, uses a galvanized garbage can to do his smoking. "I was inspired during the SoBe Wine & Food Festival last year," he says. "I wanted to be one with the art of smoking and follow through the process from start to finish, 100 percent crafted."

Balloo has his can set up curbside at Sugarcane. He uses it when smoking "pig head for trotter croquettes and ham for the charcuterie plate."

How does one go about making a smoker from a garbage can? This is how chef Balloo does it (along with a general smoking tip or two):

  • Set the garbage can aflame and evaporate all the coating off the inside.
  • Drill some holes and use a water tray (metal mixing bowl) between the food and the fire to catch the grease.
  • Don't forget the hole for a thermometer to best monitor the temperature.
  • Use hickory or applewood chips to add flavor, and don't be afraid of spicing up the aromas with cinnamon and star anise.
  • Always cure or brine your meats to inject the most flavor.

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