This Weekend the Rum Renaissance Festival Invades the Shore Club

Ahh, good ol' rumbullion. Ye olde English colonies called it kill devil

-- both for its hangover-inducing properties and its medicinal powers.

Mix it with some lime juice and a little sugar, shake it, and it

becomes a daiquiri. A splash of Coke and a squeeze of lime make it a

Cuba libre. We like it naked on ice and call it by its official name --

rum. This elixir of aged molasses, yeast, and water was once used to

cure aches and pains, and if you've ever used it to mourn a broken

heart, you know its ability to heal is real. At this weekend's Rum Renaissance Festival, there won't be any tears (we hope), but there will be plenty of variations of your new fave spirit.

From this Friday through Sunday, celebrate and savor rums from the

Caribbean and stateside through a tour of the Bacardi museum, parties,

and the grand tasting on Saturday, when you will be able to sample some

of the world's finest rums for just 45 bucks. Sunday's Big Bang Beach

and Pool Party is the grand finale, and if bikinis and booze lovers

don't sound like a good time, you don't know one. 


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