The Wholesome Grocer Brings The Farm To The Beach
courtesy of The Wholesome Grocer

The Wholesome Grocer Brings The Farm To The Beach

​The Wholesome Grocer, a community service created by cooking instructor Cindy Hill, brings fresh, local and organic foods from farmers, ranchers, artisans and vendors to Miami Beach every month. 

It works like this:
You start by selecting the products you want at They will then confirm the order and price, at which point you go to and press 'buy now'. You have until this Sunday, November 14 at noon, to do so (the butter and cream orders are due by Friday, November 12 at noon). Pick-up occurs Wednesday, Nov. 17 at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden (2000 Convention Center Dr.).

Just a few of the offerings:

Raw Milk $8 gallon
Raw butter $9 lb.
Raw Cream $9 quart
Raw Drinkable Yogurt $7 1/2 gallon
Amish Hand Rolled, Lightly salted butter $6 lb. 
Amish Raw Cheeses $6 8oz block
Raw Goat Milk $10 per 8 oz container

Whole Chickens, $6 lb. 
Farm, Fresh Eggs $5.50 dozen
"Our chickens this week are brought to us from a lovely farmer in mid-state...She currently has a small poultry farm that raises free range chickens and eggs. Her products are not certified organic, yet. She feeds her layers organic corn and non-soy crumble each morning before they are let out to eat all the bugs and grass they can on their two acres of pasture. Her chickens are fed organic vegtables and fruits as well as organic corn, and non-soy crumble before they too are let out to roam free eating all the bugs they can."

Meat from Deep Creek Farms, Central Florida:
Brisket $11 lb
Delmonico Steak $21 lb.
Flank Steak $16 lb.
Burger Beef Patties $9 lb.
Skirt Steak $16 lb
Wild Ocean Seafood, Central Florida:
Wild Rock Shrimp, Split & Cleaned $14 lb.
Wild Key West Pink Shrimp, Head-on $7 lb.
Wild Alligator Tail- 5lb frozen  $6.50 lb.
Fresh Harvested Mr. Green Deans:
Mixed Lettuce  $7  
Purple Pak Choi ( Bok Choy )  $7  
Purple Haze Carrots $7 
Baby Okra $7 
Baby Sorrell $7
Herbs- Peppermint, mixed Basil, Oregano, Garlic Chives $3 per herb, per pack
Local Products from our neighbors:
Sweet Carambola (Star Fruit)  $1 each
Redlands Tropical Honey $8 per 24 oz jar

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