The Well, An Aspen Ski Lodge on Mid-Beach, Is Set to Open In July

Shareef Malnik is teaming up with entrepreneur Buzzy Sklar to open The Well at the former Glass space, adjacent to Malnick's iconic The Forge Restaurant/Wine Bar.

It won't be your typical mid-Beach joint, except for the drink selection and small plates. The decor is modeled after an Aspen ski lodge, complete with a massive stone fireplace, suede banquettes, dark wood bars and antler chandeliers.

Malnik decided to team up with Sklar to renovate the 4,000-square-foot space after seeing Sklar's success with Automatic Slims and Burger & Beer Joint. In a statement, Malnik said, "The moment he explained the vision for the space, I thought it would be a great fit for the neighborhood and decided to join the project. I truly feel that the addition of venues like The Well will help to boost the vitality and identity of our area, and give locals and visitors another reason to look a little more North when planning their nights out."

The Well is set to open sometime in July at 444 41st Street, Miami Beach.

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