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The Village Stand: Gourmet Shop Sells Local Popcorn, Coffee, and Jams in Miami Shores (Photos)

Have you tried Shawnee's Green Thumb Popcorn yet? Tinted green by kale powder and spirulina, the $3.99 bags pair popped maize with garlic powder and organic nutritional yeast.

What about Copperpot's chili garlic rice wine vinegar or Pascale's pear, cardamom, and vanilla jam ($9.89)? Or Glaser Organic Farms' peanut butter ($11.29) and the Cheesecake Gallery's Key lime mini-cake ($2.95)?

If you haven't sampled these things, then you probably haven't been to the Village Stand, a petite gourmet shop in Miami Shores stocked with cheeses, jams, pastas, canned goods, coffees, and teas.

And if you haven't been to a farmers' markets lately, then you probably didn't know this: these products are all locally-made.

The teeny shop, owned by Raquel Arrazola, Jorge Espinosa, and Alison Duran, offers a selection of South Florida's locally-produced goods: Panther Coffee, Om Nom Nom Cookies, Pika Sauce, Cao Chocolates, Roc Kat Ice Cream, A Flair for Fudge, Laura's Pantry Granola, and so much more. (Frequent Pinecrest Farmers' Market in the winter? Some names might sound familiar.)

There's also a variety of imported products, including pasta sauces, butters, cornichons, mustards, cookies, and chocolates.

The best thing about the Village Stand is that you can sample everything. A complimentary cheese, cracker, and honey display anchors the tiny store's center. There's a closet behind the register, stocked with much more.

At the shop, if you happen to pick up a box of Brad's Raw Leafy Kale chips (not baked or fried, but dehydrated), an open container is set before you within seconds. You don't have to ask. Similar to the practice at farmers' markets, samples are usually just offered automatically.

So if you haven't tried Shawnee's popcorn, Copperpot's jams, Roc Kat Ice Cream, or Glaser Organic Farms' nut butters, head to the Village Stand in Miami Shores. Don't be surprised if most of it goes home with you.

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Emily Codik