The Ten Best French Fries in Miami

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5. Aspen’s famous truffle fries at MC Kitchen
Located in the Design District, MC Kitchen may be known for its elevated, modern take on Italian fare by chef Dena Marino, but don’t sleep on those Aspen truffle fries ($14), served with brown truffle gravy. A celebrated recipe Marino brought from her time in Aspen, it is indeed worthy of sharing — but you won’t. It’s fine to pair the fries with delightful soups, pastas, or panini. Just be sure to leave some room for Italian desserts like the roasted green apple crostata ($14), with Point Reyes blue cheese, candied pecans, and caramel gelato. 
4. Disco fries at the Local Craft Food & Drink
The late-night crowd's favorite item is the dish dubbed "disco fries" ($9) at the Local Craft Food & Drink in Coral Gables. Here, a bowl of fries comes with Miami Smokers’ bacon gravy and house-made American cheese whiz. Skip the ketchup. Don’t make your own pink sauce. Everything you need can be found in that single disco-loving bowl. It’s best enjoyed with one (or two) of the Local’s many domestic and imported craft brews.
3. French fries at Blue Collar
If you're in 
the MiMo District, the overwhelming scent of homemade fries will eventually be too much for you to handle. Don't resist. Let your nose guide you to Blue Collar, which keeps it casual with a coveted menu of comfort-food faves like burgers, ribs, jambalaya, and, of course, fries. Freshly cut, perfectly crisp, and lightly salted — there's nothing more to 'em, and that's what makes these bad boys soar. Waffle-cut sweet potato fries are also available.
2. Cajun fries at Pincho Factory
This always-poppin' fast-casual burger spot recognizes that sometimes seasoning is all you need to take simple fries up a notch. Prime example: the fried potato smashers that feature just the right amount of Cajun seasoning and grilled onions. Add drizzles of Pincho Factory’s secret pink sauce, and you have yourself a winner, winner fries dinner. In addition to offering Cajun fries ($3.99), Pincho Factory also serves some mean sweet potato tots ($4.49) and bacon cheddar ranch fries ($4.49). Take your pick.
1. Kimchee shoestring fries at Finka Table & Tap
Korean, Cuban, and Peruvian come together in a cozy gastropub that boasts a big helping of irresistible fries you’ve probably never tried. 
 Kimchee shoestring fries ($8) in a skillet are blanketed with vaca frita, spicy mayo, pico de gallo, and melted queso blanco. The inventive dish sounds too good to be true  as with all otherworldly creations at Finka  but Miamians near and far agree it's worth the trek to West Kendall.

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