Food Industry

The Simpsons Super Bowl Coke Ad

Hello, evil tooth-rotting, sugar-bombing, heart-starving, blood-sludging, junkie-making, fat-promoting, cancer-juicing, world-dominating multinational corporation. Thanks for this excellent Simpsons Super Bowl advertisement.

Just kidding, Coke. We love ya.

We used to be billionaires too. Then, one day, the bank showed up and seized all of our assets. No more mansion. No more Learjet. No more hounds with bees in their mouths so that when the dogs open wide to bark, the bees fly out and sting you. We lost everything.

All that's left is an old shopping cart and the job security of collecting the ubiquitous, discarded aluminum skins with which you encase your fine product. They're everywhere.

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Jacob Katel
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