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The Seven Dials in Coral Gables: Foie Gras on Zak the Baker Toast and Fried Kalamata Olives

Coral Gables isn't nationally known as a dining destination, but the place is actually swarming with hidden gems and restaurants that have put the area on the map. Sure, you have the ever-popular Ortanique on the Mile, Eating House, and Swine. But there are also lesser-known options like Uvaggio and Seven Dials, which quietly opened a couple of weeks ago.

The gastropub describes itself as eclectic American. It's run by British chef Andrew Gilbert, whose resume includes Michy's, Sra. Martinez, and the Local Craft Food & Drink, who deemed it time to open his own restaurant. Short Order was invited in for a bite of Gilbert's offerings.

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Seven Dials serves lunch and dinner. The menu is succinct but exciting. No liquor here, but there's plenty of beer and wine available. Try the Lazy Magnolia Lazy Saison ($9). It's crisp and light. Or keep it local and go with Wynwood Brewery's IPA.

Instead of bread service, Gilbert served up lentil papadum, a thin and crispy like cracker with origins in India and is made from black gram. Two sauces meant to be mixed and dipped into -- tamarind chutney and cilantro -- decorate the plate.

Fried kalamata olives is a fantastic idea. Sitting atop yogurt and chili oil, they're even better and a perfect beginning or sidekick to any meal ($6).

Choose between Miami clam chowder and tomato soup. The chowder, brimming with gulf shrimp, mussels, Florida clams, and smoked bacon oyster crackers ($12), caught our attention, but the intense heat and humidity made a tomato soup with saffron, basil, and the Brazilian cheese bread "pao de quiejo" ($10) a bit more appealing. It was a great choice.

Seven Dials proffers unusual charcuterie and pate offerings that change daily, like duck jerky and goat gouda. A foie gras terrine on Zak the Baker bread (all charcuterie come accompanied by Zak's bread) with mashed dates is decadent and velvety ($16).

Order the roasted eggplant ($8). You might be thrown off by the molasses pomegranate, but it works wonders with the miso aioli. Zak, who's a good friend of Gilbert, also has a hand, or bread, in this dish.

Everything at Seven Dials is well priced, including the bone marrow at $12. It's served with sesame toast for your dipping and topping pleasure and with a chimichurri that's got a kick of ginger and soy.

Finish your meal with a traditional British bread and butter pudding with custard ($7).

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