The Scoop on SoFi's Bliss Burger Bistro

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If you find your bliss in burgers, you need to find Bliss Burger Bistro. The newly debuted SoFi patty purveyor takes over the space of the old Café Maurice, dishing up an array of apps, soups, salads, sides and, natch, burgers.

Not just any old burgers, though. These hot and haughty discs of ground or chopped protein and veggies are as pedigreed as Prince Willie's willie. There's the Twenty-six, beef short ribs braised for 26 (count 'em!) hours and served with crispy Tabasco onions, smoked tomato relish and aged Vermont cheddar on a Parmesan bun. There's the ahi burger with avocado mousse, mizuna, yellow tomatoes and pickled jalapenos, and the wild turkey with spicy chipotle mayo, watercress and smoked gouda.

And if that's not gouda-nuff for you, 24 bucks gets the Bliss Burger--foie gras torchon, port-shallot marmalade, arugula and black pepper aioli on a brioche bun. Or bliss out blue-collar style with the regular burger, Black Angus beef with lettuce, pickle and tomato, which costs $13 less and brings bliss a little closer to down to earth.

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