The Scoop on Cavalli Supper Club

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A "new and redefined dining and nightlife experience in Aventura."

Can such a thing be?

Well, you can find out at the new Cavalli Supper Club, which promises "sexy cuisine," "sultry cocktails" and "girls in bright red dresses," not necessarily in that order. It takes over the space of the old Bar Rosso, which lasted about as long as an open bottle of Barolo in the dead of Miami summer, though Cavalli does keep its predecessor's private wine room and extensive (as in 200-bottle) wine list.

That sexy cuisine is said to be inspired by Sicily, which in the hands

of chef Ross Stern means wood-smoked salmon cured for 16 hours and

delivered with potato cake, crème fraiche and American caviar; "chicken

cacciatore lasagna" that assembles dark meat chicken ragout, peppers,

onion, béchamel sauce, Parmesan and mozzarella; and a grilled veal chop

marsala with sautéed cremini, shiitake and morel mushrooms, white

truffle cauliflower puree and root vegetable sachet.

Even a glass of water arrives as "free-range artisan H2O infused with

hand-made ice cubes pumped from rare natural springs by virgins and

garnished with slices of organic lemon aged for 14 days in custom-made,

climate-controlled lockers."

Just kidding about that last one. I think.

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Bill Citara