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The Rush Limbaugh Diet, Before and After Pictures

Since when did Palm Beach County radio host Rush Limbaugh become a diet icon? Apparently, since yesterday. I like to think of the guy as a hard-drinking, meat-eating, pilled-out fat dude who smokes a lot. Yesterday, Google reported "Rush Limbaugh Diet" as one of the top 100 searches during the hour that I checked. Well, June 1, Rush reported a net loss of 58 pounds over his radio show thanks to his top secret diet. He refers to a jigsaw like 1,500-calorie menu including frittatas and portioned meat and fish -- what a hippie. Check these transcripts from his show (available here). Since he's so proud of himself, we decided to give you our photo dramatized version of the before and after photos so you can see how far he's come.

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Jacob Katel
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