The Perfect Beer and Burger Pairing with Angelique and Unibroue

Oh Canada! You grace us with many a delight, from delicious maple syrup to the gorgeous Cooking Channel star Chuck Hughes. The two together wouldn't be bad either. But now, you bring us Unibroue, the Canadian brewery which boasts their eclectic two-century old, European Trappist monk brewing method. Lucky for Miami, they paid Angelique Euro Cafe a visit for one fantastic beer and burger pairing.

The event presented each guest with four 5-oz. flights of Unibroue beer. From the flights, the guest selected one for an 8-oz. glass. You also got one appetizer as well as a restaurant signature Barcelona Burger.

Photo by Ben Guzman
A gorgeous array of flights backlit by candelight.


met with a Unibroue brewmaster, Harvey Mayorga, who explained the

flavor profiles behind each beer. "It's ale across the board. From left

to right we have; Blonde de Chambly with a 5.0% alcohol by volume, The

Maudite, which is a spicy red ale at 8.0% alcohol by volume, La Fin du

Monde at 9.0% alcohol by volume, and finally the Terrible, with dark

wine notes, at 10.5% alcohol by volume."

Photo by Ben Guzman
A hearty burger needs a beer that can handle it.


flight was filled with the most refined beer we've ever had the

pleasure of tasting. The Blonde being one of our favorites for its sweet

honey notes and lemongrass scent. We selected it as our choice for 8

oz. It went perfectly with our Chef burger- a monster angus burger

covered in creamy goat cheese, arugala, pancetta chips, caramelized

onion and a smooth garlic aoli. The Chef's burger and Blonde de Chambly

were a match made in heaven.

The atmosphere inside Angelique was

casual and relaxed, with waitresses and staff professional yet

extremely approachable. Angelique is the kind of place where you can sit

back and laugh with a friend over an amazing beer and genuinely cut

loose, and their fantastic burger will keep us coming back for more.

Photo by Ben Guzman
A squadron of exceptional beers.
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