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The Lounge at Tempo Miami Scores Big With Delicious Drinks, Panoramic Views

Sexy, modern, and sleek are all words that would appropriately describe the lounge inside Tempo Miami, the hotel located within the Marquis building in downtown Miami. If you haven't heard about it, don't worry, you aren't alone. While Tempo is technically open, they are still putting some finishing touches, so the grand opening won't happen until the summer.

Still, make it a point to stop by the bar, located on the third floor, and enjoy its futuristic elegance and floor-to-ceiling windows which look down on Biscayne Boulevard and the bay -- hopefully, if Museum Park ever gets off the ground, the view will further improve.

I stepped foot inside the lounge Thursday night, and found myself, along with my two friends, to be the only people inside. In fact, valet downstairs had told us he thought the bar was closed. He was wrong, the bar is in fact very much open. Our bartender for the evening, Orietta, a spicy Chilean who had us laughing the entire night, told us they are slow on purpose because of the soft opening, with most costumers so far being hotel guests and people who've heard about the place through UrbanDaddy.

No sweat. This meant my friends and I had Orietta all to ourselves. She mixed amazing specialty cocktails, all made with fresh fruit and top shelf liquors, with names like Wild Berry Mojito, Warm & Fuzzy, Kiwi Caipirinha, and Blood Orange Margarita, all which cost a reasonable $12. Even better, beers start at $4, so the place only looks expensive but isn't necessarily expensive to drink at.

And expect things to liven up in the near future once the hotel is officially open for business. The lounge will host regular happy hours, DJs, live music, and more.

The Lounge at Tempo Miami
1100 Biscayne Blvd. (3rd Floor), Miami

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