The Local's Craft Cocktail Brunch: A Five-Course Boozy Breakfast This Sunday

We celebrate brunch in all it's awesomeness. After all, it's the one part of the week where drinking before noon is encouraged. 

That's why we're looking forward to The Local Craft Food & Drink's craft cocktail brunch this Sunday, September 16 at 1 p.m.  Chef Vince Tien and bartender/GM Chase Woolard are creating a one-time-only five course brunch paired with cocktails that feature spirits from the Anchor Distilling portfolio.

The brunch is $65 per person, and $110 for two and reservations must be made in advance by calling 305-648-5687. 


and cocktail pairings include a play on steak and eggs paired with

ginger and cider mimosas; chicken and waffles paired with a cucumber,

cilantro, and serrano pepper gimlet; an open faced eggs Benedict with

braised oxtail paired with a blood orange mint julep; a poached lobster

grilled cheese paired with a breakfast Collins; and coconut rice pudding

paired with a Pink Pigeon Manhattan.

We spoke with Chase Woolard

about the impetus for the boozy breakfast and why we only drink

champagne or vodka with our Sunday eggs.

Short Order: How did you come up with the menu for this brunch and cocktail pairing?

Chris Woolard: For the special brunch happening this weekend, our Chef Vince Tien, created three of the courses and then a good friend of his, Chef Jouves Jean, who is a chef at the St. Regis Hotel, created the other two. So you have two distinctive culinary styles intertwining to create this awesome menu.

It's usually vodka or sparkling wine for brunch. Is there room for other spirits for breakfast/brunch?

I think there is definitely room for all spirits at brunch. For our event this weekend, we are working with the guys from Anchor Distilling, a craft-spirits importer and distiller out of San Francisco, and playing around with a handful of their products from around the world.

Our cocktail menu features some great spirits that are alternatives to your traditional drink, including a twist on a Mimosa with a delicious ginger-liqueur called The King's Ginger and a Garden Fresh gimlet that uses local fruits and veggies. We're also featuring a gin called No. 3, which is a new London Dry that I've recently discovered.

When it comes to creating a brunch cocktail, pick your spirit, pick your theme and just go with it!

Are there new trends in spirits for brunch? What will we be drinking next year on a Sunday morning?

Just as cocktail lists are becoming more and more intricate at night, it is happening with brunch drinks as well. Fresh ingredients and juices are being used to create new and exciting cocktails - and you can enjoy them from morning to night.

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