The International Watermelon Conference is Not Seedy

This weekend, the Second Annual International Watermelon Conference rolls into town at

The Eden Roc Resort & Spa

, and the roster reads like one big juicy party!

While it's billed as a summit focusing on "the challenges and opportunities facing watermelon growers in North, Central and South America," the REAL reason these watermelon growers are coming to Miami Beach is fun, fun, fun. A little prodding and "seeds" of reality come out. Pepe Gomez, Watermelon Crop Sales Manager for Nunhems, the conference sponsor admitted, "We want people to know that this event's not only going to be content-rich, it's going to be fun."

Fun it is. The three-day program reads like one big excuse to spend the weekend in Miami. Day one consists of a cocktail reception, where some lucky conference attendee will win a Harley-Davidson!

Day two offers breakfast, followed by a few seminars (to justify the tax write-off). One seminar that caught our eye is entitled Watermelons: How safe do they have to be? After mulling over the safety of their melons, this fruity bunch are going to need to wind down a bit. How does dinner on a private yacht sound? Sounds good.

Day three sends these wacky watermelon guys and gals on a tour of Port Everglades followed by a picnic lunch and a tour of Publix to see where all those watermelons wind up before being consumed in backyards and porches all across Miami.Let's just hope they deem melon safety a necessity between cocktails.

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