The International Mango Festival: Colombian Mango Tastings and Star Chefs' Brunch

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Mango Tasting Room

For only $25 (free for members and kids under 5), you can partake in an all-day mango sugar high. Begin in the Mango Tasting Room to sample a diverse plethora of fresh mangoes for only $1 and then vote for your favorite. There are two key differences with 2014's festival: This year Fairchild will highlight the mangoes of Colombia, with both Azucar (super sweet) and Vallenato (red and sometimes spicy) mangoes on hand, among many others. This year also produced a bountiful crop, so there will be a massive amount of mangoes to gorge on unlike last year's weak harvest. After you decide which mangoes are your most coveted, you can buy a handful of them at the Mangoville marketplace, where you can also purchase your own mango trees to plant at home.

Mangoes of the World

One of the festival highlights is the Mangoes of the World Display, which is the largest mango collection in the world. On Sunday at 2 p.m., these mangoes will be sold off at the Mango Auction. It will be a standing room only crowd lead by Dr. Richard J. Campbell that bids on the hundreds of mangoes from across the globe -- try not to scratch your nose too deliberately or you may have just bid on a very rare and expensive fruit.

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