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The House of Subs on S. Dixie Highway Needs a Makeover, Call Ty and Xzibit!

You'd think that a restaurant that declares itself the "house" of anything would rock your world in that department. For example, you should expect some pretty damn good pancakes from the International House of.

The House of Subs in Florida City proves this theory wrong. As an admitted sub addict, I visited the House of Subs expecting a great sandwich. No mediocre place would have the audacity to call itself the House of said sandwiches otherwise, right? They should call themselves the House of Bread - because that is basically the only thing worth eating there.

The spot is pretty cool -- it's got a lot of cute, yet kitschy decorations including license plates from all over the country and a few paintings of the official House of Subs mascot cat, who is pretty cool himself in Bermuda shorts and sunglasses.We think he also has a surfboard.

The staff deserves a review on its own. One of the employees had a major attitude and another didn't know what he was doing. In fact, I had to cancel one of our subs because of his ineptitude. Let me explain something - one of the reasons I dislike Subway is because the food isn't fresh. Subway uses already cooked steak and chicken and then microwaves it to make your sandwich. I'm not down with that. So, first thing I ask is "are the steak subs cooked to order?" to which the scruffy young dude replies "yes." So, we order a steak & cheese and a turkey Reuben ($6.49 - $8.49).

Little Ms. Disgruntled comes out to help him and I notice they are putting a container in the microwave.

"Is that my steak you're putting in the microwave?"

To spare you my harangue, let's just say that I told them to cancel the steak & cheese. Now, annoyed, I mutter to my girlfriend, "let's just share the Reuben and see how it is. I don't trust these people."

Fortunately, the turkey Reuben was pretty good, but that was due largely in part to the bread. It is made fresh every day and had a mild, yet whole grain flavor to it, and was very, very soft. The sandwich would have been better if it had more sauerkraut, more turkey, and more Thousand Island dressing. It was pretty slim - that is why the bread played such a huge role - it was almost the only thing we tasted. I do have to mention though that HoS makes a light, very flavorful cucumber and tomato salad ($2.99).

The House of Subs should change its name to the Tent of Subs or the Gazebo of Subs, and leave the name "House of Subs" available for a restaurant that will back it up.

House of Subs
33497 S. Dixie Highway, #103, Florida City

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