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I've known local artist Ahol for about four years, since I graduated from college and made it from Tucson to Miami by playing guitar for gas money and sleeping in a broken-windowed Corolla at hijacked KOA campsites. Ahol was heavy on his street-art grind, but has since leveraged his powers of self promotion into the successful and growing Shake Thursdays at The Vagabond as part of the "Que Pasa MIA" crew.


Events he's involved with often give food top billing, think pizza, pancakes and cuban sandwiches, but other local promoters have been bringing their grills to the party for years. YO! BBQ at PS14 comes to mind. The notion of food as integral to the clubgoing experience is being cemented on 14th street, where there is no late night dining within walking distance, save for the requisite parking lot taco truck. Other options include 'crackhead Checkers' just north and a kwik-e-mart just east or just south. Unlike South Beach with its myriad choices, downtown nightlife does not give way to daytime commerce, so food at the party is important. Ahols mantra: keep it cheap, add malt liquor. 


This Saturday he'll test the formula at his first solo art exhibition, titled P(ART)Y, taking place at Little Haiti's Stash Gallery. The show is curated by veteran guerrilleros Ro and Evo of Art Under The Bridge fame. Their take on the wine-and-cheese conventions: grilled cheese sandwiches and a Colt45 sponsorship.

Why? "Cause that's my favorite food.We'll probably uses the cheapest bread, and yellow cheese, but if we're feeling fancy, different kinds."" Ahol says and adds "Hopefully it makes it better, more fun, more along the styles of everything that I do. I won a contest to redesign the Colt45 can, so they're hooking it up, they're sending a lot of beer. I gotta try and stay away from it so I can make it through the whole night." 


Want universal truth? Food, music, and art always go together. That's from the finest establishments in the world to a Saturday jam just southwest of Churchill's. The action happens at 162 NE 50th Terrace. Call 305-992-7652 for more info or visit


Here's a sneak preview.

Images - Jacob Katel 

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