Hey, you feel that? Stop whatever you're doin for a second and tell me, you smell somethin? Is it hot in here? Hey what's goin on?

We're cookin dammit, that's what. The melting pot is heating up and Miami's food scene is burblin' with the certainty of it. It's as sure as the level of experimentation that's goin on at the gastro-molecular level, and as simple as concepts like fresh, local and organic taking root and flourishing. It's real, like "fusion cooking," which was invented in the MIA by Norman Van Aken, who is back in town and ready to do it his way or the highway all over again.

The Friday Imperative Weekly Wrap Up

It confounds, like a market flooded with openings during a global economic meltdown. Where's the money comin from?  Fuck it. Spend it like you got it. Keep your eyes off my plate and order your own. Here's what you may have missed last week.

- We went Behind The Line at Jaguar and showed you how they make that amazing pipian sauce with words, pictures and video

- Like to eat it raw? Get your octopussy, miso horny, and climax on at Zushi Flirt

- Get bloody, really bloody, like OJ bloody at 8 oz. Burger Bar, or be like Chef Sherlock and go for the cheese

- Find a place to take yo momma with part 1 of our Mothers Day Restaurant Roundup

- Slavery sucks. Let's end it. College cafeterias maybe support it. Tell em not to.

- Same old same old and it costs how much? Miami Spice is getting annoying

- Drink a beer in zombieville

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.