The Friday American - Weekly Wrap Up

(Sung to the tune of America the Beautiful)

Oh bellyfull of cakes and pies
Hamburgers, hops and grain

Oh double fisting whiskey shots
I'll never drink again

Short Order Blog, Short Order Blog
The web cried out for thee
So here we are to represent
for good old Miami

Memorial Day commemorates U.S. armed forces personnel who were killed in war or who died while on active duty. Soldiers, Sailors, Airfolk, Marines, Short Order salutes you.

Memorial Day also represents summertime, barbeques, food, drink, and celebration. Here's how we led up to it.

- Cuban shrimp do public access, catch some Guy's attention, go national.

- Want gourmet Mexican? Head east on the Rickenbacker for some flavors from south of the border.

- Wilfredo Lam and $2.95 combos? Fine art meets burgers and fries in Midtown. 2 drink minimum.

- Nothin more red, white, and blue than goin green. Ask Gabriele Marewski.

- Fee sushi, free beer, see ya there next year.

- Jackie hollers at Fistrovich, leaves satisfied.

- Bal Harbour, caviar, exotic salts and gold on chocolate.

- Lime Fresh supports the troops, reminds us to Never Forgit.

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