The Fresh Market Opens In The Falls Today

The Falls is about to get a whole new dose of fresh in its daily routine.

A brand new Fresh Market has its grand opening today -- which means you have a new place to pick up lunch, dinner or groceries. The new location, which has been under construction for the last few months held a job fair earlier this summer and will employ 80 to 90 people in the 22,500-square-foot space.

The veggie misters flicked on, and work was to start promptly at 9 o'clock this morning.

This will be Florida's 30th Fresh Market. Since no grand opening is complete without activities, there will be plenty of chef demonstrations, food sampling, and drawings for The Fresh Market gift cards.

Wait, wait, though. It gets better.

A free reusable bag and a sample of the company's own ground coffee goes free to the first 1,000 customers.

When the flour settles from the grand opening though, shoppers can expect the same fab bakery as found in other Fresh Markets around town. Thirty freshly baked breads baked daily, 14 different varieties of pies, a full service meat and butcher counter, a wide selection of ready-to-serve entrées, fresh seafood delivered to the store several times throughout the week, more than 200 domestic and imported cheeses as well as a monstrous department of organic products. Lest not forget the vast array of produce, for which Fresh Markets are particularly known for.

"Our customers enjoy shopping in an environment that appeals to all the senses," says Craig Carlock, the company's president and chief executive officer. "The smell of freshly brewed coffee and bread right out of the oven, the sound of classical music, soft lighting with antique décor in an intimate setting, and the ability to select and taste fresh, high-quality products all work together to create surroundings where customers are encouraged to experience the food."

Furthermore, the store has partnered with our local Miami Rescue Mission to set up regular food donations.

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