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The Forge Won Its Fight

The last time I was at the Forge, I was fresh out of a shit-stained relationship. Emotionally starved, I headed to the Miami Beach landmark for a meal that I knew would probably break my measly bank account, but the promise of a rich Lobster Thermidor melting in my mouth forced me to throw caution to the wind. Plus, I was suffering from newly-single syndrome and was adamant that that asshole (of said shit-stained relationship) wasn't the only one who could buy me a $200 meal! Now I know that assholes should be the only ones to buy me a $200 meal, but whatev.

Anyway, let's say that I happened to be in NYC and in the same situation (with a different a-hole, hopefully). I may call up 411, request "The Forge" and prepare my belly to grub on something amazing. Well I would have been disappointed because New York's Forge - a Tribeca eatery serving American Nouveau goodies - and our legendary spot are not one in the same. Owner Shareef Malnik filed a trademark infringement and unfair competition action against the impostors. "The Forge trademark signifies to my clients that they can always expect outstanding quality and a wonderful dining experience," said Malnik. "Through the filing of this lawsuit, I have taken the steps necessary to ensure that my clients will not be confused by anyone who tries to trade upon the four decades of goodwill and worldwide recognition associated with the Forge trademark."

The court sided with our homeboy, the NY restaurant changed it's name to Marc Forgione and all is good in the culinary world again. After all, there's only one place in the U.S. to eat blacksmith pie while crystal chandeliers twinkle above your head and Miami's glitterati look on.

Not in the Magic City and need your fix? Head to Dubai.

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Raina McLeod
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