The Food Of Wynwood and Design District's Art Galleries

Crying about the economy? Want some cheese with that whine? Don't go looking for it at the artwalk. The days of your bourgeois snack conventions are as dead as Michael Jackson. Food offerings at the July 2009 Wynwwod and Miami Design District second Saturday artwalk were sparse, and limited to candy, chips and Chex Mix, with some $3 vegan cupcakes thrown in. Here are some more words and pictures...

This and the first image were shot Friday night at an event called Electric Cello, K-bow, and Computers at Harold Golen Gallery. Gallery owner Harold Golen said "I saw a bag of chocolate at Walgreen's. Everybody loves chocolate, so I bought it." Asked what he had for those allergic to chocolate Golen said, "Well, we can always offer them water."
Golen's gallery specializes in pop surrealist artwork. His Saturday artwalk show was a $500 and under firesale for salvaged works from his previous gallery, which burnt to the ground.
Further north, in the design district, Dileto, a furniture gallery, had a couple bowls of candy set about. Furniture designer Gabriela Jimenez said "Everybody wants a treat when they are out someplace. People like to have some candy when they are here." Asked if a 10 cent candy ever helped her sell a $10,000 couch Jimenez said "Yes."
A few doors down at Costa, a window treatments, custom draperies, shades and blinds shop, artist Kuki Alves displayed her art work in a friend's gallery. Kuki served Chex Mix. She said "I decided to make it easy because people are walking and drinking. I'm an artist from Brazil. I paint acrylic on canvas in an abstract style."
Meanwhile, back in Wynwood, food as art made a presence for itself on the wall of Gallery Diet for Oh Nancy: Home Coming Stories.
Fionn McCabe and Keppie Coutts' Bill Oolie Mosaic 2009 is made from corn, glue and wood. It's listed for $1,200.
Earlier, at the daytime Art & Design Market & Lounge at the Wynwood Social Club, SWEAT Records sold $3 vegan Earthcake cupcakes. There were also free chips and salsa, drinks, snacks, music, arts and crafts at the byob venue concept.
Feverish Ice Cream's truck was also there, but we'll tell you more about that tomorrow.

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Jacob Katel
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