The Flat's Truffle Cocktail: Get Drunk on Shrooms at South Pointe

Mushroom-infused cocktails might evoke images of psilocybes resting at the bottom of a bottle of Everclear, but not at the Flat, which offers the Truffle Sidecar, a cocktail infused with one of the world's most expensive mushrooms.

The idea comes from the mind of the Flat's resident mixologist, Milos Vujovic, who also co-owns Bar Art in Miami Beach, a company that specializes in building portable bar systems.

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The cocktail is made with Hennessy VSOP, Solerno Blood Orange liqueur, fresh lemon juice, and alba-truffle-infused honey. The white alba truffle can be found in certain parts of the world, including the central and northern regions of Italy throughout Tuscany and Abruzzo, and in parts of Croatia on the Istria Peninsula. The alba truffle is specific to the areas of Langhe and Montferrat in Northern Italy.

White truffles are some of the most expensive on the market. Prices have been known to reach into the tens of thousands per kilogram. They are expensive for many reasons, specifically because they grow in the soil (under oak trees) in very specific climates and are harvested during the latter part of the year with specially trained female pigs to sniff them out.

Truffles signify food luxury of the highest magnitude. They are world-renowned for their aroma and taste. Most of the time they are served thinly sliced or grated onto plates and soups.

Until October 30, the truffle sidecar will be available at the Flat for $15 during regular hours or $8 during happy hour from 8 to 10 p.m.

The Flat also has a three-think cocktail tasting menu for $33. The menu includes the Suite 180, made with freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, Aperol, agave nectar, and orange cream bitters topped with champagne; the First Date, made with gin, yellow chartreuse, honey, and lemon juice; and the Jesserna, a digestif dessert of muddled raspberries, bourbon, vanilla beans, Averna Italian liqueur, and lemon juice.

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