The Fare Field: Miami's First Farm-Based Cooking Show Debuts Today

A new online cooking show is making its debut today, and it's a love story for locavores. The Miami-based The Fare Field is all about fresh veggies, local talent, and backyard eats.

Here's the premise: Every two weeks, a local chef will hit up Little River Market Garden (Little Haiti's urban farm) and harvest vegetables onsite. Then the cook in question will whip up a culinary creation on the spot. Matt Hinckley of Box Park is the first man on the job.

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The show is produced by Miami New Times food critic Emily Codik, who volunteers at Little River Market Garden in her spare time. The farm is owned by Muriel Olivares, who packs more than 40 varieties of vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers into her farm. Filmed by local filmmaker Matt Degreff, the three-minute episodes include a chef interview and then conclude with a family-style meal shared among the crew, farmer, and chef.

Episodes air at thefarefield.com every other Wednesday, and each installment comes with recipes and blog posts.

In episode one, Hinckley prepares a tilefish ceviche with Florida citrus; farm radishes with duck fat; and wood-oven-roasted red snapper stuffed with allspice leaves and key limes.

The second episode, hosted by Kris Wessel, airs November 20.

It's another reason to eat local, folks.

Check out the show below:

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