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The Corner: Munchies on 4/20

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Saturday is always a good night to go out and get chocolate wasted. You're fried from the long work week and you just want to let loose. Maybe even pop a button on your pants. And today, 4/20, is a good time for stoners and marijuana supporters to crunch and munch.

In celebration of 4/20 Eating House is having a 4/20 prix-fixe, family-style dinner priced at $42 per person that will surely satisfy all the hungry stoners. And they're not the only ones. Aleric Constantin, line cook at Michael's Genuine and the cycling chef, will be doing the same at The Corner in preview to a much awaited food bicycle revolution. Really it's just an excuse to munch.

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The Corner is AJ's base of operation for Sear'N Gears, which is set to launch next Friday at this month's critical mass.  "There were some issues regarding the company that paints the bikes," says AJ. Since it's his day off from Michael's Genuine and coincidentally 4/20, AJ decided that he would take over the kitchen at The Corner (they have his back for whatever he does) and give an ode to his guilty pleasure: munchies. Join the club.

A fatty at heart, AJ has conceptualized a menu of small plates and snack (all priced at $4.20) and some desserts. It's titled "munchies" and includes Funyums mozzarella sticks (fresh mozzarella rolled in panko and crushed Funyums with homemade pomodoro sauce), ptzza bites (hemp dough pizza bites, mozzarella and chorizo), sesame tots (house made tater tots, fried egg, kimchee glaze, sesame oil and cilantro), and goat cheese balls (macerated peaches, lemon zest and basil rolled up in goat cheese and breaded with panko and hemp seed with a honey dipping sauce).

 As for the sweets AJ's thinking of doing a purple haze ice cream (fitting for the occasion), which will have Abita purple haze beer, candied teddy grams, candied bacon, and purple basil. That's a whole lotta purple. Oh well, it's 4/20. His other dessert, fried siracha Oreos, will consist of Oreos (duh!) with a spicy cream filling and candied bacon bits inside. These will be battered then fried. AJ's plans are to perhaps mesh the two desserts into one, although we hope that doesn't happen. Besides, there's nothing better than going from salty to sweet and back to salty when the munchies kick in. The downfall here will be after you've had a salt and sugar overload, which you probably will, but hey it's a once a year holiday. Make it count.

Munchie service will begin at 4:20 on the dot on Saturday and will be offered on a first-come first-served basis. That's p.m. Stoners can confirm via Facebook , although this will only give AJ an idea of a number of how many people are to attend and does not reserve anyone a spot. Closing time depends on how stoned people get and how much they can eat. "When I'm out, I'm out," he says. "It's going to be simple, sweet, and fun. Good times at a great bar, with great friends, and on a great day."

And in case he runs out of munchies, ride your bike on over to next Friday's critical mass where AJ will be showing off the food bike and handing out tons of free samples of healthy ice cream (to make up for 4/20 of course) for the masses to criticize.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.