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The Best Miami Spice 2016 Deals for Brunch, Dinner, and Beyond

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3. The Six Best Miami Spice 2016 Deals in South Beach
It's a truth — once you move off the Beach, it takes nothing short of a miracle to get you to drive over the causeway. Sure, South Beach has traffic that's unbearable and tourists that resemble boiled lobsters, but there are also some amazing restaurants. Consider Miami Spice your annual miracle — after all, the prospect of a three-course dinner for $39 in SoBe is akin to parting the Red Sea. Rekindle your love affair with Pubbelly or chomp down on steak at Quality Meats. Then work off your meal with a stroll on the sand.
2. Miami Spice 2016: The Ten Best New Restaurants to Try
Are you in a culinary rut? It's time to break out and try a new restaurant or two, and Miami Spice is the prefect time to explore eateries. This year, some real standout restaurants opened, such as Chef Bee's NaiYaRa and Jeff McInnis and Janine Booth's Sarsaparilla Club — and both offer Spice deals. If you're a homesick New Yorker, try Prime Italian's meal for a taste of home. Any way you slice it, here are the best restaurants that are new to Miami Spice.
1. Miami Spice 2016: Full List of Participating Restaurants
If you want to explore all the Miami Spice options, there's a world of possibilities — more than 240. Behold the list of all 2016 Spice participants. Bon appétit!
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