The Abbey in South Beach Closing for Two Months

Those of you who enjoy the Immaculate India Pale Ale and Brother Aarons Quadruple from the friendliest and most dive-a-rrific bar on South Beach, we mean The Abbey Brewing Co., or course, better prepare yourself for some bad news. That's right, the Abbey will be closing July 14. But before you run out and join a convent or walk into the waters of South Beach with no intention of coming back out alive, take solace in the fact that its only a temporary closing.

Owners of that run down, sorry excuse for a building where the Abbey is located (at 1115 16th Street, Miami Beach, between Alton Road and Lenox Avenue) -- which by the way is part of what makes the bar one of our favorites -- are finally getting around to doing some much needed renovations. Can we expect to see a new improved Abbey when she reopens in mid-September. Hardly. The repairs are structural and air conditioning related. In other words, the Abbey will be exactly the same in the fall as it has been for every single day of its 15 years of existence.

Luckily, there is a some good news with the bad. There will be a grand reopening party when things are finished. And that's just another reason to go to one of our favorite spots for some libation liberation.

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