John Currin, Thanksgiving, 2003

Thanksgiving Is for the Birds

I've volunteered to do Thanksgiving again this year, complete with Heritage bird, and though there's a part of me that really gets off on shoving my butter-coated fist into a turkey cavity this isn't a job I'd really wish on anybody. It's just too messy, too expensive, too exhausting, and ultimately too fattening (the calories in those tasting spoonfuls really add up). So until the big day I'm going to be sporadically posting alternatives to doing the whole meal by yourself with no help, and this first one sounds like an excellent way out. For 75 bucks you can hie yourself over to Hugh's catering in Oakland Park on Wednesday the 26th and he'll help you make the whole shebang -- from soup to nuts -- so that all you have to do on the big Thursday is throw that turkey in the oven and heat up a few sides. You can rightfully spend the day putting the finishing touches on your up-do, quaffing whiskey sours, and re-igniting smoldering family hostilities -- in other words, all the fun stuff.

And if even that sounds like more effort than you want to put out for your lazy, worthless siblings, you can order the whole meal precooked for $30 per person.

Go to hughscatering.com or call (954) 563-4844.

-- Gail Shepherd

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