Ten Weird Vodkas: From Root Beer to Bacon and Bubble Gum

Raspberry, pink grapefruit, bubble gum and now "wild cherri" will be joining the flavored vodka market. Vodka withs something odd mixed in reminds us of the steak and potatoes ice cream we once chowed on in a little mountain place in Venezuela. But that's a story for another day. When you add something to vodka, the original peasant hooch, it can transform the normally tasteless liquid into something completely different. You might even get a conversation going with that certain somebody across the table. So read on for the random flavors we found.

Stoli's Wild Cherry
The latest addition to Stoli's collection of flavored vodka's has a sharp taste thanks to the red plum, but the vanilla is supposed to help balance it out. Why not add yet another fruit flavor to liquor?

Root Beer
Why wouldn't you want to drink alcohol that takes like root beer? I don't know, maybe because you are not ordering a root beer float. This vodka has a licorice taste with a blast of cherry, and is supposed to be good on ice. Hm, maybe with a slop of vanilla ice cream as well?

Who says bacon is only for the breakfast folks? Who says you can't get your bacon in liquid form? Bakon vodka provides lovers with a taste like smoked pork. Bring on the eggs!

Bubble Gum
The burst of flavor without the pop. Just when you thought those fruity drinks couldn't get any sweeter.

Sweet Tea
Remember those things called Long Island Iced Teas? Well we got so lazy, we don't even need to mix anymore, with this vodka that is said to taste just like iced tea, without that sickening sweet after taste.

Bison Grass
When you think of Bison, you pretty much get a yearning to drink right? Well, apparently that's what some vodka makers thought when they created Bison Grass, an herb flavored vodka from Poland.

Screw the calories that indulging a box of truffles can cause, and sip on some chocolate instead! Vodka covered strawberries anyone?

Does anyone really like the artificial taste of banana? Would you really want to head out to a club and sip on it? We didn't think so.

Well, ginger is always a great ingredient to add to a meal, so why not add it to alcohol? Ginger root is good for the tummy, so drink up! If it helps your stomach, that means no hangover right?

Absolut's Peppar vodka is spicy, hot and has a distinct flavor of chili and bell pepper. Pretty much everything you want in a drink: hot to the taste and yummy pepper breath.

I don't know about you, but I'll take a vodka martini any day, with the only additional flavor of a couple green olives. Done and done.

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Carissa Chesanek
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