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Ten Things Dewey LoSasso Needs to Know Before Visiting The James Beard House

Chef Dewey LoSasso

We got word that


chef and former North 110 owner

Dewey LoSasso

will be doing his thing at the James Beard House on

October 30

for the first time, so we thought we could share some tips we learned from our visit there with Biltmore's

Philippe Ruiz

a few months ago:

1. Make nice-nice to Izabela Wojcik. With her on your side, you can make miracles happen.

2. Ship all your own ingredients. New York may be the place a thug can become an overnight rap sensation, but a chef in need of five cases of figs by noon may be shit-out-of-luck.

3. Though James Beard was a large man, the skinnier you and your helpers are the better. The kitchen is so tiny that your kitchen assistance headcount depends on how many chefs can squeeze in there.

4. Don't dilly-dally. With events going on during the day, chances are you won't have too much time to prep.

5. Put on your happy face and slather on extra deodorant. Even if you are super stressed, guests are going to be marching right through your kitchen and it would behoove you to present yourself as if everything is going swell.

6. Love the pig. Beard was a porcine collector, so expect to be surrounded by various oinkers (and we're not just talking about the dining guests).

7. Get the eats out a.s.a.p. and the drinks flowing. Guests are arriving after a long day of whatever. They'll want to be fed quickly and feeling no pain in short order.

8. Speeches should be short. Yeah, diners will want to know what they're eating, but printed menus should do the trick. There's nothing worse that having to wait for a lecture about sourcing and such while the meal wilts.

9. Desserts must be WOW-inducing. Even if a meal is blah--and we highly doubt Dewey's will be--a humdinger sweet plate will make a lasting final impression.

10. Clean up your mess, but do it quietly and get out by 11 p.m. so the neighbors don't get cranky and call the cops on ya. After all, you do want to be asked back again, right?

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