Ten Superfoods to Make You a Stallion in the Sack

Valentine's Day, the one day of the year that obligates Americans to get all sexy and romantic, is a week away. Whether you've been with your little honey pot for a few weeks or a few decades, the holiday can be a great excuse to use "more than words to show [him or her] how you feel," as the wise rock band Extreme once cooed. For some couples, that might mean exchanging jewelry or heart-shaped boxes of sweets. But for many, V-Day might also be a good time to pour some sex back into the loving cup of the relationship. According to a professor of sociology quoted in a New York Times article, about 15 percent of married couples have not had sex with their spouse in six to 12 months. And, not surprisingly, couples in sexless marriages are less happy than those who frequently make the bed rock.

Obviously, there are a ton of reasons the sex might slip out of a relationship. For some, of course, it's lack of desire. While there's no food you can eat that will turn your partner into Gisele Bündchen or David Beckham, there are some potent superfoods out there that have the power to trick your brain and consequently your nether regions into getting as aroused as they would for one of Maxim's (or Glamour's) Hot 100. And the best part about these eats is that they're good for more than a roll in the hay - most of them increase your sexual potency because their incredible arrays of nutrients increase your general potency and health.

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Camille Lamb Guzman is a journalist who writes on wellness, travel, and culture. She is also finishing a book of creative nonfiction.