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Ten Reasons South Miami Is the Best Dining Neighborhood

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10. No waits

There aren't many trendy restaurants in the area. Everything caters to the local crowd. So unless there is some wild deal going on (two-for-one lobster night at Captain's Tavern), you can arrive at your destination and sit right down.

9. Radical lunch deals

Delicious $8 bento boxes at Matsuri? Don't bet on it. Down south, there are so many small places in strip malls and so many businesses close to one another that they have to be competitive. With so many lunch options, there are also a lot of great deals. Be sure to get the monstrous rice noodle bowl for $12.95 at Miss Saigon Bistro. Yes, rice noodles -- with about eight spring rolls.

8. Over-the-counter options

Counter-top restaurants uptown are mainly thinly veiled sit-downs. Down south, however, when you go to a counter-top spot, you can expect to get your food within five minutes. From chains such as the classic Chicken Kitchen and Mojito Grill, to newer ones like Shake Shack, Evos, and Jimmy'z Kitchen, you can be sure to find those quick, on-the-go options you need. Make sure to try Jimmy'z Kitchen's mofongo.

7. Asian eateries

You'll find more family-owned, authentic Asian restaurants in the South Dixie Highway strip malls here than anywhere else. Phô Thang serves some of the best pho in town and gives you generous portions. The aforementioned Miss Saigon has been a South Dixie favorite for years because of its delicious, spicy food and it spring rolls that you can't beat. In another strip mall a few blocks south, you will find Imlee, which serves excellent Indian cuisine. Another great Indian place is Ayesha's Fine Dining. Be sure to try the saffron lettuce wraps.

6. Brews at Titanic

For years, University of Miami students have been going to Titanic to cap off a busy day of studying and sunbathing. This restaurant and brewery serve a nice selection of house-brewed beers, ranging from lighter triple screws to the dark, chocolatey Shipbuilders Oatmeal Stout. Another option if you want to relax with some coeds is to go to the on-campus Rathskellar.

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